Friday, October 05, 2007

Visiting Britain

Britain is no doubt one of THE place to visit for at least once in a lifetime.

With friends who have stayed in London and Cardiff, I have heard so much about places that one should visit. And with a family like mine, Legoland Windsor will definitely thrill both father and son. Lying to the west of London, Legoland spans over 150 acres full of interactive rides and models, made up of more than 55 million Lego bricks. Aidan will sure want to drive a full-sized forklift truck, made from Lego bricks of course!

Boys' favourite - Steam Railway and Dinosaur Isle at Isle of Wight. Really, there are so many places to visit, I won't know where to start. There will be shopping, oh yes, sightseeings, history and heritage of castles and forts, museums, galleries, gardens and countrysides, not to mention adventure theme parks, zoos and safari parks where all young and old will love.

Well, I am sure I won't have a problem finding good accomodation as caters amazing rates for London Hotels, Edinburgh Hotels, Glasgow Hotels and more for as low as GBP60 per night. And we are talking about at least a three star hotel here. Prices will be even cheaper for a one star hotel, with as low as GBP15 per night for the budget travellers.

I think summertime is a good time for us to visit as there will be air shows, steam trains, boats and all for the boys, and just the sunny weather is good enough for me.

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