Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Real Travel Guide

I am a thoroughly born and bred Malaysian girl. Raised in Ipoh all my life, I have never been anywhere far until I was out of high school. And although I am proud to call myself a Malaysian, I am sad that I haven't toured the whole country, including Sabah and Sarawak.

Having said that, it would be exciting to visit Malaysia again in the tourists' eyes. As we age, priorities change. I would like to experience new places and savour the moments, then telling it to the whole world what is nice, what is not. is a good start to look for places of attraction in the country I want to visit. It is a travel guide and trip planner, with great advice contributed by real travelers, like me. Information on what to do, where to go, getting great deals to a problem solving forum.

With I get the real deal, not advertisements and tourist areas where I might be stripped off my cash twice the amount, which is the usual case, unfortunately. Going away for a whole long month, the site provides a Free Trip Planner, a briliant idea so I won't have to carry notes and losing it. My passion for blogging will extend to another level where I can blog about my trip at their Travel Blog, provided free. I am sure readers will appreciate knowing where to go for delicious and good value local dishes.

Voted as one of the 'twelve essential travel sites' by Forbes, it is a travel bug's must-have. Even if I still carry my notes with me, wouldn't it be great to know I have a back-up, in case I lost mine? Plus, I can write till my right hand gets the cramp, but that wouldn't be the same without sharing my experience with the world.

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