Thursday, October 18, 2007

What The ????

I was a little wuliao, and logged on to The Star to read the local paper. I saw three articles that amaze, give-up, and enraged me respectively.

Article one read of hiring a maid will cost RM1,400. What the ....???!! There are a lot of employees in Malaysia that are paid much less than that, and have to feed many mouths. Heck, I am darn sure if and advertisement is put up locally, many would be applying.

I do understand that the maids come from countries afar, leaving behind their family, but why not hire within the country to create more jobs. Afterall, the maids cannot be guaranteed if they will do a good job. Furthermore, there are so many other requirements. I don't mind hiring a local maid who comes daily from dawn to dusk, instead of living in my home. Less hassle.

Article two. Father and uncle charged with incest. Dey!! You men (I mean these two men lar!) so horny cannot go disturb your own wives kar? Raping your own 9 year-old daughter for three years, (now 12) some more asking your brother to join in the fun. Obviously letting your d***s doing the thinking, you WEAK, SICK MINDS!! Ptooi, ptooi, ptooi! May your d***s be infested with craps and pus and experience eternal torture! Niamah!

Article three. What is the father thinking? I mean, it's great to have such sporty spirit, but to walk his less than 4 year-old son up the mountain (to gain fame? Dunno!) is not to joke about.

"I asked whether he wanted to celebrate his birthday at the top of the mountain and he nodded happily, so I am helping to make his wish come true."

Who's wish, really? He is a seasoned mountaineer, fine. But for a child this age, they have no perception of height and distance whatsoever. I can ask Aidan if he would like to walk to The Glen. Dang right he would love to! But the problem is that he doesn't know the distance. Can't he just let his child enjoy toddlerhood and do this later? What's the hurry? Wake up, dad!

What the...??!!! Ishh, boil me up in the middle of the night only. How to sleep now?!


Mommy to Chumsy said...

i know...i read these news too and my jaw dropped.

mott said...

yea...4 years old is a tad too young.

when i climbed the mountain, it was ok. it was the coming down that killed me. oh! my knees!!!!!

Sweetpea said...

WH - heh, you may find your jaw drop a foot more. am sure there are more bizarre stories that these

mott - i know! i had to walk backwards when going down the hill, and jalan kangkang for nearly a week!

jazzmint said...

welcome to malaysia boleh ;)

Sweetpea said...

jazzmint - oh, this one i am VERY familiar with :)