Friday, November 30, 2007

Trip to Malaysia 2007 - Ipoh Pics

My mum kept calling 'Aidan' until I think he got really 'sienz' and gave her the loud 'YES!' immediately everytime. Her purpose is to get him answering her, and she got it. He didn't do that to others, though.

My niece bought a large pool at Tesco and it was fun seeing all the kids in it. It is for her KL home, so for other times I just got a cheaper and smaller one, just for Aidan to dip in on a hot day. Left it there. See if we can still use it next year :P

On food! Yum yum.... I didn't try lots of things this time. Perhaps it is because I am so used to the toast and coffee diet here, that I can never think of what to have for breakfast anymore. Left out the Hor Hee, Nasi Lemak and Lam Mee. Had Bak Kut Teh, Ipoh Garden Sungai Wang Lou Shue Fun and Canning Garden Chee Cheong Fun, though. And many times of Ipoh Garden East Ham Jin Bieng :P Bought some clothes along that street too. *Happy*

Binged on loads of food from pasar malam. Bought a colour changing digital clock for RM8.00, and just saw that Avon is selling is for AUD14.99, EXACTLY THE SAME! What a joke! Love the three PJs I bought of Winnie the Pooh and Snoopy for RM10.00 each. KL has the same thing, but I noticed that the quality of the material is much better in Ipoh. The KL ones are thinner. So there you know.


Frank said...

so few pics only meh

Sweetpea said...

aik! manya cipat baca blog?! balu post leh... wait lar, i post in batches mar...

U.Lee said...

Hi Sweetpea, long time no visit here. Lost touch, as got no links, then saw your callsign over at Pearly's.
Bet you had a fabulous time balek kampong, huh?
Last I was back in 2002. Was in Ampang road and asking my friend, "where is Ampang road"? "You're on it"! Gosh, couldn't recognise KL anymore. Most of my old days haunts all disappeared.
I don't really miss the food, more the sea and Islands, swimming and fishing. Now...its ice and snow and soon -25'c temp!
Oh well, got the blog to occupy me these cold winter.
You keep well, Sweatpea. UL.

Sweetpea said...

hi u.lee,

thanks for dropping by again. yes, indeed we had a great time, albeit a rather stressful one. great to spend time with family and friends, and hate to leave when the time comes.

i guess we can get malaysian food in every part of the world, but it is those cheaper ones, like putu mayam and 'dai gau meen' that is difficult to buy! i miss those :)

winter for you but a hot christmas for us. christmas just isn't like christmas without snow. it's in my wishlist to spend at least one white christmas :)

i would love to hop to your blog again soon. a great way to sit back and relax with a cuppa.

take care~

Lovely Mummy said...

there are other many good places to dine in next time when u back again, do let me know, i recommend u some good dining places where u hardly get it in Aus...:)

Sweetpea said...

lovely mummy - thanks for the offer. will do EXACTLY that!! :)