Friday, November 30, 2007

Highway Steamboat Kopitiam

This place at Medan Ipoh Bistari (baru know the name), otherwise known to me along Jalan Tasek, is opened by my schoolmate and her hubby. Have to support support lar.

The place is rather small, one shop lot setting, but very clean. I like the idea of one claypot to one person concept, something like Aroi in Bercham years ago. The servings are small, but enough for average eaters like me. I had to try the chicken feet kerabu, missed it so much! Needless to say, I was the one who sapu the whole dish.

As for dessert, we were given nato jelly, and I ordered what I have never heard before, something new to me, kopi cincau. How on earth can someone invent this combination, I pun tak tau. Not unacceptable, can say it is an acquired taste mia drink. Aidan had two eggs with some noodles, and a whole can of 100Plus, the only 'soft' drink I allow him to have on a frequent basis while we were there.

Highway Steamboat Kopitiam, as named, also serve your usual breakfast toasts, nasi lemak and a variety of noodles, and the place is completely Halal. Got sharkfin and abalone pun. So, keep the place in mind and support support my friend when you can. Can?


Anonymous said...

opened for almost 1/2 year and i support support only when you came back :P

Sasha said...

omg? kopi cincau? gila kah?
eh this steamboat is available in ikano also...yum my pants so tight ler..

SayangMommy said...

You are making me hungry! :)

Now must go find Highway Steamboat Kopitiam. I'll make sure to tell the owner that you recommende the place :)

have a good weekend ahead

bokjae said...

Online dating not your cup of tea!

Sweetpea said...

iknowwho - then u go sapot sapot more lar :P

sasha - must be different boss leh. pants tight nebermind, ada rezeki mar :)

sayangmommy - thanks for dropping by. not sure if the hubby remembers me, haha. u have a great weekend too :)

bokjae - huh??

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ahh..haven't heard of this place b4 but then again, i seldom go back ;D Can always ask peng eh?

Sweetpea said...

WH - ya, you all can go there makan makan :)