Saturday, December 01, 2007

Of poker, slots and baccarat

A friend of mine has recently gone from horse-racing gambling to having a go at online casino.

I can't imagine the fun of it all, but I guess it is for him as to shopping to us shopaholics. It did get me wondering though, how would he know which site to choose and to trust? The wide world of electrical web, afterall, are also dominated by conmen who are out to get anyone willing to fall into their traps.

Being a smart businessman himself, he had done his homework through, by reviewing his favourite poker and slots games offered in the thousands of online casinos out there, filtering through factors such as trust scores, game experiences or bonus structures offered by each casino.

Online casino is such a hit right now, that even my brother who is not a gambler is having fun with the slot games. Oh well, one day, maybe just one fine day, I may have the time to join in the excitement.

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