Sunday, November 25, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Back home at last.

Reached Melbourne this morning and it took ages to get out from the airport because of the bottleneck queue at the customs.

It was a full flight and we didn't manage to get the window seats although we checked in early at Sentral Station around 4pm. I was told the middle of the 5 aisle seats is empty, and I was hoping Aidan would be able to stretch his legs when he slept. Unfortunately no, but the Indian lady was nice enough and told me it was alright when Aidan did kick his legs across to her seat. She told me not to disturb him and let him put his feet there. Apart from the smooth flight, I had orange juice spilled on me, with just a mild apology and a bundle of serviettes, and never returned with a nice clean and dry blanket when I requested for it. So much so for Malaysia Boleh.

Bought Aidan 'Annie' the train, of of Thomas' friends at the airport. Same price as in the city. For those who don't know, Annie and Clarabel are kind of a pair. When I asked Aidan if he wanted Clarabel as well, he answered no, but once in the plane, and for the rest of the flight, this morning and today, he was asking for Clarabel.

He asked for Kay and Yan too, my two grandnieces whom he bonded with. When I said to him we were flying back to Melbourne, he got upset. In order to keep him from crying, I kind of lied a little and said Okay, okay, no Melbourne. He was a little blur from it all, it was like he knew what was going on, but hoping what he was thinking was not going to happen, and that he can still see Kay and Yan.

Reality hit when he saw his daddy when we got out. He started crying, and it was a really sad cry mind you. I told Wilkin that Aidan wasn't that looking forward to seeing him, which was the truth. He balled again when he saw our car and his carseat, refusing to get into it.

Anyway, after a little hassle, we got home, presented to him with all his fave toys and new toys, and soon he was happy as a lark. One problem though, he wanted me to sleep with him after a month of doing so. Not going to let that happen, I sat beside his bed and let him hold me hand, assuring and re-assuring him that I am here, that this is his room, his bed. Pulled my hand away a few minutes later but still sat in the dark with him. He soon fell asleep.

Fingers crossed, hope he won't wake up screaming...

Oh yeah, by the way, welcome home, ME.

*Psst. Love the weather here! No sweat and no sticky neck!


whoelse said...

hmmmm....its always best to be back to your own home

Michelle said...

oh poor boy...time to get him a playmate eh. :P

L'abeille said...

Welcome home bubba!

mott said...

When we're there...he's ALWAYS welcome to come over my place. ALWAYS!

If u need some off time..u can drop him off anytime (once he's acquainted with my boys!!! HA HA HA!)

Sweetpea said...

whoelse and l'abeille - home sweet home, am the boss again :)

michelle - ada playmates pun... mott's kids! kekekee

mott - be careful what you wish for!!