Monday, November 26, 2007

Melbourne is bad for your skin

Nothing is more effective that Melbourne air.

Aidan woke up with rashes all over his body, after a bout of runny nose soon after we arrived home. And after cleaning up the place, I am left with two split cuticles on my fingers, plus no more long and pretty nails, coz two broke a day prior to flying. Even the nails knew they won't survive in Melbourne! Today, my lovely sneezes are back, add in a bloody nose too. Melbourne, oh Melbourne, what you do to us!

Didn't send Aidan to school due to the rash. Went to spend some aussie bucks instead, nyeh nyeh. Packed a good lot of stuff for the Salvos, went grocery shopping, and went to Aidan's kindy to collect messages. Lucky thing I went. Aidan has a birthday party invitation this Saturday. It will be good for him to mix around again with his Aussie friends. One particular Chinese boy Justin actually missed him. He has been clingy.

Just as well I didn't go to work. He didn't want to sleep alone. He fell asleep on the sofa at 7.00pm after dinner, so I thought I should let him continue his sleep. At 10.30pm he woke up, wanting me to be by his side. A little cranky. I tried a few excuses, such as telling him that I was going to take my bath, even bribed him with a new train tomorrow. He was okay until I walked out the door. No amount of reasoning did the job. Until I realized that he might be hungry! Offered him milk, drank it, and went straight to bed, that is, after promising him again his new train.

Still sorting out the pics. Thanks for being patient :)


mott said...



was going to ask u what moisturiser to get for the kids... I know their skin will suffer for a bit..

Sweetpea said...

mott - ego or cetaphil is fine, but i use dermaveen. it contains oatmeal known for reducing itch. but u cannot get the brand from any my chemist or chemist warehouse stores.

why? hahaha, because dermaveen boss once punched my chemist big boss in the face, so he boycott dermaveen. so farny!!