Tuesday, November 27, 2007

These are a few of my favourite things...

Back in Malaysia, everything I eat is SINFUL! Well, almost.

My favourite mug. I think I should bring this back here next year.

These food, you can't find it anywhere else out of my Ipoh house! My mother's cooking.

Yummy yin wor (bird's nest) with phau sam.

Choy geok (All kinds of food cooked in a pot, sour and hot!)

Pig's skin of head and ears (Lou jue tau pei and jue yee) GROSS! YUMMYY!!

And these ones, are the ones that I have been craving for, can't find it anywhere else or any better in Melbourne!

Need I introduce this one? I also had Sun Yin Loong and Cheong Kong's coffee. Slurp.

Tou chee bang. (Belly button biscuit) Some like to call it 'guay bang', a usual offering for worshipping during the ghostly month.

MY PUTU MAYAM! Found this man 'poot poot poot' on him motorbike one fine evening in KL.

Tai gou meen.

I am a happy woman.


laundryamah said...

ahhh another choi keok fan!!!

L B said...

Oh, I really missed Choi Geok! I haven't had that in forever!! I must remember that for the Next Trip!! And Waaaaa... MGS MUG!!! I wonder where I can find a nice SMI one... and that Tai Gou Meen!! So sinful!!

JO-N said...

The choy geok looks yummy. I love putu mayam too. Looks like you have enjoyed yourself in Malaysia.

shooi said...

Yummy yummy! It is always good to be home!
My fav brand of Ipoh coffee is Uncle Mo. Switched to that fr Old Town after colleague let me try 1 packet.

Can't get it anywhere else, but unfortunately i am staying away from coffee for now.

joanna said...

hey.. i love those biscuits too ! Each time i buy it... my aunt will comment, of all biscuits, why i love those tt ppl offers to.. the.. "ahem" *shrugs*

Peng said...

i cannot stop viewing your blog on the choy keok. it tastes really good lucky thing i had some...haha

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hahahaha...laughing at Peng's comment.

so..you managed to eat putu mayam eh? good :D

Sweetpea said...

amah - only my mum's fan :P

LB - sure syiok :) you SMI wat year arr? excuse me, this mug was bought when i was still schooling. so it is already more than 20 years old leh... antique! LIKE ME! wakkakaaaaa!!

jo-n - yes i did, and now my tummy suffers :P all bloated up, heh.

shooi - my cousin dealed with uncle mo before leh, i get cheap cheap, heh. but back in ipoh, any old town kopi goes!

joanna - don't care. love it all the same. aidan loves it too now.

peng - u go bodek my mum some more, then ask her to make for you :)

WH - yah, she tried it first before i did! some more complain that it's fresh, not leftover, which makes it taste even better, hahaha. oh yeah, i had putu mayam at last! the indian man must be happy i bought so much :P

wHOisBaBy said...

i miss the last two - putu mayam and tai gou meen (we also call this 'bang chang kuih' - penang slang.

Sweetpea said...

whoisbaby - well, at least your sister got to eat on your behalf :P hahaha!