Thursday, November 01, 2007

A little update

Eating like there's no tomorrow :P

So much food, so little space in my tummy. No internet, sleeping at 11.30pm and waking up at 7am. SO healthy of me! Wouldn't it be great if I can keep this up back in Melbourne. But I won't get to do paid posts then, hah!

No internet access, only at my brother's place here, while Aidan is taking his arvo naps. Have to rush in case he wakes up screaming for me. He is getting better now, still asking for Bear Bear but he's got Mavis and other things to play with now.

Weather has been great, not as hot as last year!

Now I've gotta go. Tea time. Mum prepared yin wor. Yeaahhh...!!


Shannon's Mummy said...

Yin wor as in Bird nest? Oh... i really miss eating bird nest... envy you siah!! :P

L'abeille said...

Fuyoo... Yin wor somemore!
It's nice to get a little pampering from mommy huh?

eastcoastlife said...

Wah! Got yin wor to eat. Back to Mom's TLC.

wHOisBaBy said...

bird nest for tea?! wah i want too!

mama bok said...

Lucky you ..!! i want some too..!!