Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So many books, so little time

When my good friend and ex-colleague went back to Fiji six years ago, she left me with boxes of books, mostly Romance Novels. Before I was pregnant with Aidan, I went through many of them.

Of all the novels, I like a few authors, namely Mary Jo Putney, Jayne Ann Krentz and Kimberly Cates. Call me a die-hard romantic, for I love the rakes and the Lords, the warriors and the rouges, the dangerous, handsome and forbidden yet irresistable types. I have read many of Mary Jo's books, and one of my favourite is 'River of Fire'. One, an immovable rebel, whose heart only to be softened by an irresistably beautiful woman.

Apart from this era, I also like the modern Mills and Boons. The grand ballrooms and romantic seaside, ranches and big bungalows also tickle my fancy. I do have a selection of them sitting on my shelf still. Now that Aidan is older, I guess I can take the time off again to relax and read more. Doesn't matter if the book is old, what matters is that I live each story I read. This is how powerful an author can be, to make you feel it. Passionate, magical, spellbinding.

A romantic me.

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