Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Third day into Melbourne...

and here is my poor boy looking like this. This is the back of his left leg.

This eczema flare-up is unexpected and it came on just like that. I usually have it under control but the change of weather is just too much for both of us. He has 'chicken skin' on his tummy area too.

This morning he woke up with this:

Initially I thought it was dried up grot as he was crying last night, wanting me to lie down beside him. After cleaning his face (and with him yelping 'Pain') it was still there. Needless to ask, he has been scratching like a dog with fleas. I have decided, no more swim classes for him for the rest of the term.

Just found out he has raised bumps on the inside of his mouth as well, after complaining to me 'Pain'.

Off to the doc for the second time tomorrow.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

poor aidan. bumps inside the mouth? ulcer?

Sweetpea said...

kind of... like pimples, instead of blackheads, we get whiteheads too. it's 'bumpy' instead of groves, if u get what i mean. the dang this is that he doesn't drink any 'leong sui' otherwise i would have given it to him.