Saturday, December 08, 2007

Star Virgo

Here is our trip on Star Virgo to Phuket and Langkawi.

If you want to have a good time, do not bring kids with you. I REPEAT, NO KIDS! One is okay, two, mmmmm..... but FOUR!! That was a NIGHTMARE! A friend of mine commented to me, 'You MAKE kids on a cruise, you don't bring them there.'

But let me tell you, there were hundreds of kids there. Plus many many kiasu aunties too. Such a shame. No lining up, as if they were afraid to miss out on any tiny morsel of fun or food. One particular aunty was lining up behind me at BellaVista reception, and she had the cheeks to thrust her access cards right under my nose. Aunty? San par mari? You might as well stand right in front of me lor. What's your point of lining up? Got too much money to lose is it? No time to line up, then go pay for your meals elsewhere lor, don't eat free. Faster mar.

The kids, no doubt, had endless fun. I was pretty cool about it, but my sister-in-law was super nervous. The moment Aidan let go of my hand, she would run after him, or 'reminded' me that Aidan had ran off. Unconsciously, she had put mental pressure on me, that I had to go chasing after him everytime, just to avoid her telling me to do so. She is super nice, but also the super-gabrah type. Can crown her Mrs. Fearful, kakakkakaaaa..... wei, you monsters reading this post, don't you dare tell her arr!


Peng said...

very nice pics. how come no pic of yr sis and mrs. fearful? hahaha.

Fluffy~ said...

geee! cruise trip! i love to take one but it is so pricey! wish i can go for one soon!

Sweetpea said...

peng - you can see my sis if you look a little closer :P

fluffy - welcome to my blog :) if you read (somewhere in my post) it wasn't expensive for us as we only paid for less than 25% of what it was worth! otherwise, no way i was going to pay a lot just to babysit!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Psst....I go tell your SIL now *runs away from Sweetpea's broom*

Sweetpea said...

Immomsdaughter - Eleh! As if you know her! hahahah!

Annie Q said...

hmmm..i think is good idea to bring kids to holiday on Cruise.
So many nice pictures! Did Aidan got a new hair cut? He look a bit different, but still so hansem!