Saturday, December 08, 2007

Cordless phone batteries

Cordless phone is one of the luxuries in life. No longer am I stuck to one corner, pacing the floor like I used to, and not being able to multitask.

Being given a Uniden cordless phone by my niece as a Christmas present few years ago, was the answer to my freedom. Now I can prepare food, dry my clothes, walk around, and even to the toilet, if need be, while on the phone. Well, haven't done that yet. Now I think I may have exhausted the poor thing, I need a new cordless phone battery. offers all types of batteries for not only cordless phones, but also for cell phones, watches, tools, laptops, cameras, camcorders, remotes, toys, anything, really. With over 300 distributors who serves more than 200,000 retail outlets, they sell about 15 million batteries a year. That, is impressive.

So what do they care about a sale like mine, which may cost less than $20? They thrive on their old fashion principal, that is provide impeccable service, and treat every customer with respect.

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