Friday, December 07, 2007

Not a fruit guy, not much of a vegetable boy too

That's my Aidan.

Here his usual fruits will be this:

That's all he is willing to eat. Or a real banana. He is okay with fresh juices and smoothies, but somehow refuses to try a real fresh fruit. When we were back in Malaysia, he got a little constipated as, obviously, there isn't any Goulbourn Vally fruit puree there.

Went looking around for an alternative and found something really good. He doesn't like vegetable juice, you know, something like tomato juice. And I thought I'd give this brand VE Good fruit and vege juice a try. I can't say he loved it, but at least he thought it was nice and was willing to finish it!

So, back here, instead of just the puree, I have bought this for him to try, and same thing, not particularly his favourite, but not unacceptable. I am delighted!

His results in the toilet bowl has been satisfying. For me. That is.

And oh, if you want to read about an embarassing moment for me, please do, read it here.


huisia said...

all the while he only takes the commercial puree?

btw, how come your slide show post no longer there? the virgo trip very nice.

jazzmint said...

wah at least he still drinks the juice

Sweetpea said...

huisia - no, he was okay as a baby, but the older he grew, the more picky he is. he doesn't take sweet desserts 'tong sui', no barley water, no leong sui. he loves his soups though, so at least he is getting something 'original'.

waahh, you so fast hand one? i uploaded that to slide, then to blogspot to edit one. but now you can see already :)

jazzmint - yes, at least i found one that he likes. he is VERY picky with his sweet drinks, but not soft drinks, mind you! hhaaiizz