Monday, December 17, 2007

Curvaceous Sexy Mummy

I have this pyjamas given to me as a souvenir from a friend who went to Las Vegas many years ago.

I only wear it during the summer season, obviously, to get more cool air! Aidan may have seen this but as a two and three year old toddler, and only seeing it a few months in a year, he wouldn't have remembered it. But as a four year old, this year, things are very different.

See the front? Phheewweeeettt! I only wish!

And the back.

Aidan said 'Shame, shame' to me when he saw me wearing it. He took a look at the tattoo, and looked confused. He looked again, and this time lifted my pyjamas up, looked at my derriere, looked at me, and said to me 'Ouch! Pain.' on where the tattoo is. Hahaha. He was so intrigued yet puzzled by the design.

If only I have this figure...


Fluffy~ said...

wuahahhhahaha.. what a sexy shirt!!! should wear to the beach! ;)

i like it! :D

whoelse said...

hubby thought you were wearing it at that time. i said to him sor sor tei! :P

Sweetpea said...

fluffy - it was a great souvenir :)

whoelse - eh he should have known i don't have such big bazookas lar! kakakakkaa!

Kok said...

This is a great one! hahaha! Maybe when Aidan is 12 years old next time, he'll comment, "Sexy mummy!":P