Monday, December 10, 2007

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Festive Season

Thought we weren't going to get each other anything for Christmas, since we've just came back from a long long holiday. (Translation = COMPLETELY BROKE!) Well, we haven't actually said that to each other, but 'tau sama tau lar'. As for Aidan, he still has lots of presents in a big box, somewhere in a big cargo ship, sailing in the ocean on the way here from Hong Kong. That will do.

Somehow, Christmas get-togethers are inevitable. There is bound to be at least one, even if you try to shun all friends and relatives, 'yee-mar-goo-tehs' and 'jue-pang-9-yaus' or hide in your house, not answering the door till 02nd January 2008.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE get-togethers. I LURVE the chats, the food, the fun, provided I am not hosting any of them. Lucky me, I am not hosting any. But our good friend is. We are having a Christmas get-together on Christmas Day, and exchanging presents. Again, I must stress, I LURVE shopping, buying presents. BUT, I have no absolutely whatsoever idea to get for teenagers! PLUS, this is where it gets to me. I HATE shopping this time of the year! You should the the mad mad crowd in shopping centres. Those people are buying things as if there is no tomorrow. Trolleys are piled up high with presents, and one particular trolley I saw today, all from ToysRUs. People are so rich. Wilkin and myself had to walk one big round around Chaddy for discount on Diesel, Thomas' range of trains, only to go back to square one, because other places either do not have Diesel, or it's a die-cast metal train. We wanted a wooden one.

I do not like lining up a long line to pay. I love shopping during the weekdays. Good thing I can still do that. Gosh. If you think this is bad, try Boxing Day. I don't even want to drive anywhere near the peripherals of Chaddy.

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MamaBoK said...

Yah..!! i hear yer..! sometimes.. i wonder.. if the toys.. and stuff.. they have in their cart.. no need money or what..??