Thursday, December 27, 2007

No more Ho Ho Ho!

No, I am not talking about Christmas is over.

First, we can't sing Baa Baa Black Sheep, because of racism. Then we can't sing Humpty Dumpty because of discrimination, towards people who are obesed, so I heard.

Now Santa Claus has been around.... forever. He has been laughing HO HO HO all his life, only to be told from now on, he cannot ever absolutely do that anymore, and have to change to, probably, HA HA HA, or perhaps, HEE HEE HEE? And why? Because apparently it is an insult to some, certain women. Seriously, is HO even a word? To my knowledge, rappers have it in their lyrics so often, so thanks to them, or others, poor ol' Santa has to laugh differently.

One thing after another, Santa now has to seek permission (from parents or children, you may ask) for the child to be sat on his lap. What a joke! What other crap will EFNTD people come up with next?! I understand from a parent's point of view, some may be affected by news of paedophiles, but then again, we as parents have the choice of not allowing the child to be near Santa in the first place, if they are so concerned. Children don't care. They are just happy to see Santa Claus.

What happened to simplicity in life? Why are people in today's world making it more and more complicating? Why can't white be white, but there is off white, ivory, snow white, or black isn't black but midnight black or whatever else that I can't think of.

In my time, we sit when we were told to sit, not to talk with our mouths full, be polite and have good manners, follow simple rules, simple instructions. Today, people are given too much freedom of speech, to be oneself, be selfish. Today, young ones are taught to speak their mind, express their feelings. True, we should be confident with ourselves. But some young ones perhaps are not taught of tolerance and respect to balance up what is supposed to be the key to peace and harmony.

Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy. Instead, to some, it is a time of tragedies and sorrows. Brawls and fights are a common sight nowadays, ending in deaths even. It is devastating for the families involved, no doubt.

I am not going to debate if we are doing the right or wrong thing for our children. All that I said is just my thoughts. I teach my best and all I can for my child, and as a parent, I just want the world to be a simple and safe place to live in.

May we have a better 2008, and the years after that.


sting said...

hmm... I've heard of baa baa black sheep's controversy but humpty dumpty and now santa claus?! my goodness!

L B said...

Yeah, everything's just getting ridiculous.. Everything's too much PC!! All the good things we cannot eat either..

Sue said...

Probably 10 little indian or have they banned it?

bokjae said...

Good observation! The world is becoming more violent and people are living in fear of literally anything. People become over sensitive and individual rights are being promoted to the extent of being ridiculous! Well said bubba! Out of Christ nothing is simple for there is a simplicity in Christ!

eastcoastlife said...

Every now and then there is bound to be something new and silly. I give up . I have a mind of my own, I can think and decide for myself. And I will bear the consequences....

Sweetpea said...

sting - and we think we know it all. so many things will still amaze you when you live to be 101.

lb - kakakka.... u tell that to l'abeille and other great food blogs! :P

sue - donno. could be too. never heard anyone singing it.

bokjae - thanks for your time in viewing this post. comes to the point where no where is safe, no food is safe, nothing is safe anymore.

ECL - very true. what you are thinking exactly is what we should do, but on a positive manner, which we practice. imagine the same for those not thinking right. they bear the consequences alright, but harm has already been done upon others. but i guess the bottomline is, we should stick to our own guns :P