Thursday, December 27, 2007

My post-Chrissy shopping

It hasn't been all fun. With the cheeky rascal tagging along, you can imagine I got lots of shopping done. Yeah, right. He got my temper soaring high as well as gave me a heart-attack when he went missing in Chaddy's KMart for a minute. And I had to give up my queuing space when we darted off again in My Chemist. How on earth am I going to survive the whole of January's holiday, you tell me.

The good stuff are all gone on Boxing Day. These are some of the leftovers I got, all for half price. And for next year.

In My Chemist, I spotted this and decided to buy it, after years of contemplation. It is one of the softer perfume I like, but after so many years, I thought it is a little out-dated. It's 125ml. No lid hor? Why leh?

Because it came in this box. With a further 10% discount, I only paid $13.50 for it. So, out-dated or not, I don't care. I can even use it as my room spray. Too bad I can't send it to my sister in KL, she would have loved it.

Retail therapy done, now I have to go look for my bottle of Rescue Remedy. Gossshhh.... somebody, something! Please. Help keep me sane.


Annie Q said...

hey, i like this perfume too! Very nice smell. Who care is out-dated, smell good on me is enough lo.hehehe
Now i so in love with Lancome - O'ui, it also got a very nice smell..

MamaBoK said...

I only buy stuff.. that are on sale now.. ;) just gotta watch out for it.. ;)

Sasha said...

wei u are like me something delay delay delay until its not happening anymore....



eastcoastlife said...

Wah! After Christmas Sale! Cheap! Cheap! Cheap! Turning into sweetchick! hehehe.....
Mind your purse.

sting said...

wahhh... that's less than 10% of the original price.. :-) wished we have sales like that here... *jealous* :-)

Sweetpea said...

annie - ya i know. can wear to work. then again at work, i can wear all the new testers leh,kekeke.

mamabok - SALES are good! :)

sasha - yalor. like number 2, delay delay, now really not happening lor. so old liao! kaakkakaa.. eh, am talking about myself ya!

ECL - oooo.... although i am not a tighta**, i don't simply spend, hehe. thanks :)

sting - ya, who cares if it's a tester. tester also real stuff wat, hor? :)