Friday, December 28, 2007

That little Skunk!

I changed Aidan this morning, and the usual routine will be applying cream all over his body. I asked him to turn around as I needed to apply his back too. And as I was rubbing his back, Pffft! Whhoooaaa! That skunk! Almost fatal! I let out a disgusted grunt and fanned the air. He turned around and laughed.

Mama, Aidan en-tut-a-tut (kentut) bushuuk! Cheh! Smelly! Hahahaha! Smack him or laugh with him? Kkakakkaaaaa.....

Anyway, last night, it took me hours to go through my blog roll list! At least now I've visited almost my all blogger friends. Almost. And I saw a lot of yummy pics on tong yuen, I will have to make some one day! Just because I want to eat it!

Lastly, I had a surprise from Aidan's kindy teacher when we opened up one of his presents on Christmas day. Come here for our very special present.


MamaBoK said...

Hehehe!! chloe is tickled to bits.. when she farts like mummy.. muahahha!!

sting said...

...and he has the cheeks to tell you its busuk!! hahahaha

jazzmint said...

haha...that is so so notty of him :P

Sweetpea said...

mamabok - i am sure most kids are. especially if it sounds like a rocket or something, kakaka!

sting - ggrrr.... yep. he really stinks! but right on my face! man, i tell u, whoa! :P

jazzmint - u haven't heard the worst yet, haha :P