Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rant rant post

People who EFNTD listen up.

Yes, we are opened till midnight. We are paid to work till midnight, so yes, we willingly sell you the things you want, or dispense the script you require. You pay our wages, for goodness sake!


Please do not wander into the store at ten to midnight, five to midnight, with pages of repeats to fill up, or say that you have the last of the tablets last night and that you have none tonight. It is your own health you have to look after, we cannot do that for you. Please do not wait till the last day, last minute to fill your scripts. You had weeks to do that. At least days before, to do that. You take your medication daily, don't you? You... know that it was going to finish, don't you?

Please do not travel anywhere without your medication and your scripts. You CAN fill your scripts interstates. Do not come in and say you didn't bring any with you and that you NEED to take the medication. We cannot dispense anything to you or help you if we do not have your record. DO NOT turn it against us with 'So what am I going to do? I can't not take my medicine.' BE RESPONSIBLE for your own things, your own health. Don't start blaming us and get angry at us for your own mistake/forgetfulness/stupidity. Need it real bad? There's always the emergency department at the hospital.

Do not take the midnight pharmacy for granted. We have a life too, just like you do. We have places to go to after midnight. Like... home? You may think there are less customers during the night, so you thought 'Yeah, it's going to be quick and easy at this hour' after your prime time favourite telly show. If you think so, think again. Just another few more like you, that's it. Much as we love overtime, we don't appreciate it after 12 midnight. Also, you won't experience quality service as all staff is rushing to finish off our jobs. Not only we have to serve you, we have backing up to do, and close up for the night.

Please, be considerate.



MamaBoK said...

Maybe .. some no money .. until then..?? or waiting to make sure.. they get the necessary first.. ;)

Sweetpea said...

mamabok - medication IS necessary. like i said, it is their own responsibility to take care of their own health. money won't come in at 1/2 hour before midnight.

i understand where you're coming from, but u have to be in this industry to understand, that some spin great tales about losing their medication only after days get getting it, mostly psychotropic drugs, or stuff like valium or xanax.

we can't help the ones you mentioned if they have no money. we are not a charity centre. the govt. gives them money, so they should organize their priorities. it's christmas i know. believe me, i have let many walked away without paying that dollar or two because they don't have enough, but i can't dig my own pocket all the time.

rant rant* :)

Peng said...

oooo...manyak marah ler kawan aku ni :P sabar jer ler :)

bokjae said...

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Annie Q said...

Alamak! Where is my comment ar?

Wow..got burning smell here ya? Cool down cool down. Hope u feel better now after u rant rant rant.Cheers!

Elly said...

waaaaaaaah...somebody's really mad here i think! cool down n take it easy ok friend?? am sure Aidan will bring the smile back on ur face once u r back home.

btw...i love that josh groban's clip...so very nice!

Sweetpea said...

peng and annie - yalar. saja want to let off steam here. of course cool down already liao.

adding to my reply to mamabok's comment, i failed to stress that late customers do not discriminate between rich or poor. the rich lagi EFNTD!

bokjae - thanks! will do.

elly - aidan normally does, but when it comes to shopping he gives me the raise in bp. goes off to wherever he feels like it! hrmphr! :P
yes, did i say i LURVE josh groban? :)