Saturday, January 26, 2008

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!

Happy Australia Day!

And what better than a day celebrated with food, fun and sun, where all three can be done in another Aussie way.... the beach! Yes, we went to the beach today. It was great fun! Aidan spent most time in the sun than the both of us, and lucky thing, he takes after me, ahem!

See, he was barely tanned at all, apart from his pinkish face. Either that, or I have been dutifully applying sunscreen on his hands and legs. Still, there should be little tell-tale lines on the bare skin with his swimgear, but none. As for myself, I got a little pinkish and darker on my back. But hubby hor....

The scare-kedy cat was afraid of seaweed thrown at him, but made friends with a little starfish. A real living starfish, mind you. Aidan held on to it throughout. I hope the poor thing survives. Wilkin wanted to bring it back, but I said no. It wouldn't have survived without sea water. Anyway, little rascal forgot about it when he had his chips and lemonade.

On another note, I am labelling all my 'Man' and 'Male' complaints under 'Male Moment' so here's the story. I had a load of towels in th wash. MM asked me about it and I thought that was that. When I took the them out to dry, I found his pair of black sports pants among them. BLACK PANTS in towels wash! MM knows the reason why I always handwash the blacks separately, YET!

Guess who will be cleaning and picking at the lints stuck all over it? D'oh!


miche said...

*sigh* man! i asked my man 2 buy nasi lemak, one for me n one for his girls who doesnt eat chili. he brought back both w chili spread over the rice! takan dat also wanna tell him. man no common sense arh?

Sue said...

The beach looks fun...
You can ask Aidan to help you with the lint...haha

Sweetpea said...

miche - if we were to complain about men, tell until the cows come home also cannot finish!

sue - no way! he will create more work for me! :P