Saturday, January 26, 2008

Swimmer and doctor

Yesterday morning I had to rush. As usual I woke up the last minute to an appointment, or any appointment that matters, heh. So I had to prepare a quickie breakfast for Aidan. Wholemeal bread with Nutella spread. I got him all ready in his swimgear and see how he takes his breakfast?

Faideet, faideet! (Quick, quick!) Aunty Lena is going to come soon, and we're going swimming with Joshua and Justin!

Our friend? Has this attitude of 'Relax mama, don't worry, I'm going to finish it.' Bad habit, running around when I am not looking. But couldn't possibly not take this pic with his cheeky look.

Coming back to yesterday morning. Our little friend has the tendency of raiding my pantry and usually he will get his hands on some lollies or chocolate fingers which he will demand as breakfast. NO CAN DO! Yesterday, he got his little hands on something else. I hid the bandaids there because he played with them when I left it in the cubboard in his room.

Pictured is Rudolph which in fact had a big hole on his back, therefore he needed THREE. Eeyore was better, needed only one. My boy thought those poor little things needed some patching up work.

Guess it's time for me to get more bandaids.


NomadicMom said...

So cute... Kids and their obsession with band aid!

shern's mom said...

patchin them up with bandaids? totally cute.
mommy should buy bandaids in pack of 100's.

miche said...

smart boy and very caring too hor. :)

LiL'deviL said...

The things they do. And why do they do it when we're in a hurry? kekeke...

Sweetpea said...

nomadicmom - becoz those manufacturers take hold of this opportunity to come up with cute bandaids like these... how?!!

shern's mom - no, coz want to buy different styles, hahaha.

miche - hmmm.. i guess u can say that but poor mummy was left with the mess!

lil'devil - interesting. but sometimes i have thought, if we as adults didn't leave things till the last minute, then we won't be in a hurry? kekekkeee

Annie Q said...

I like collecting bandaids! The bandaids look so cute, must ask my SIL get me some from there. hahahaha
Aidan very good imagination huh, use bandaids to patch up the hole. hahahahaha so cute!