Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Be a smart liar

If someone wants to be a liar, be smart about it. Don't be caught out.

Think of the domino effect it will cause. I am talking about someone I work with. Not afraid to put this up, sure she, let's call her A, won't be reading my blog, but even if she does, I am telling the truth.

I marked off some cosmetic items which arrived at the store, and there were heaps of new testers. I thought that was great, usually we will take the old testers off the shelf and put them at the back of the staff room where we can help ourselves to them. Usually the case. And being just the two of us that night, excluding a much older colleague I was sure who wouldn't touch the testers, we thought we got to choose the best first. A took some, and I took some of the eye definers, (eyeliners lar!) of which after giving them a good sharpening, they are as clean and as new.

The next day, another colleauge, B called me and asked what happened to the testers, as the boss was asking. I panicked a little while, because I didn't actually asked him if we could have them. Although they were testers, and free, we could be subjected to stealing without his permission. I admitted to this colleague B that I took some and gave some to A. A sense of guilt just hit me that I had that moment of greed. Thought I shouldn't be leaving some crappy ones behind. B and C said everything is fine, will tell the boss the new testers are all out on the shelves, which is absolutely true! I told them I will be taking the liners back to the store today, and they said not to worry about it. They only wanted to find out where the testers were.

Now what pissed everyone off, including me now, that when B called A inquiring about it, A denied knowing anything and that I put the stock away. It isn't the first time A lied about things, she told us personal things which was always inconsistent, and admitted to not telling the truth earlier. So, why lie this time? If anyone was to get into trouble, it should be me, because I gave the testers to her. It was as if she's putting all the blame on me. And B knowing the truth as she called me first, she is very, very annoyed that A lied straight to her face. Where did she get the idea that no one will know the truth?

Anyway, A, lie smart. How can you deny knowing the whereabouts when I gave them to you? You'd think I'd lie too? Think smart. No shoplifters would have taken testers, and remember, the CCTV is there.


Sue said...

So old is A? Like that also want dishonest? Pls grow up la...goodness..

etceteramommy said...

Think A was just acting out of panic. Mmm... but she shouldn't just put all the blame on you. Did she talk to you after the incident?

Mike said...

I lie would never stand alone. It needs to be supported by another lie. That's what I've always tell myself.


Anonymous said...

Gosh. I hate this kind of anjing betina.It seems like all work place always have someone like A.

Sweetpea said...

sue - i would say mid 20s, but i think that's her personality, perhaps she's grown up that way, and doesn't know that truth after a lie isn't always a good thing. i mean, it's good to tell the truth after that, but it's the lying part that ppl will always think of.

etceteramommy - she told B she's never seen the testers, true exact words. she told me she told B WE took some of the old testers but never knew about the new testers. ??? We didn't want to confront her. we still talk as usual, but we all know wat she's like now

mike - that's right mike, that's why i said there is a domino effect. more lies!

anon - yes, but she's okay other than that. there are worse! i had a post on a girl that left that called us vipers!

Mama BoK said...

Some ppl just suxs..!! big time..!