Thursday, January 17, 2008

No Studies, No Future

That is what I basically think. Unless someone is that one in a million like Sir Richard Branson. Recent news of Australia is that of a teenager sent out an invitation throught the internet for a house party, while his parents were away on holiday. Five hundred people gate-crashed the party which eventually needed to be dispersed by the police, not without causing a wreck. The shocking part is, there were children from age as young as ten to fourteen, out on the streets at night, obviously without parents' approval, for a booze-filled night.

What will their future hold? For those who consider studying again, there is hope yet, that is, if you still want to save yourself. There is a thing called online college that offers graduate programs and bachelor's degree program in business, information technology, health and public safety and a lot more of other subjects such as education, human services, public safety and psychology.

Capella University is founded in 1993 and is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. So people, put your time to good use. And a better future.

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