Thursday, January 17, 2008

Facebook and Schoolies and reminiscing

With Facebook, I have found more than almost 20 primary schoolmates through to secondary school whom I, or most of us, haven't met in 20 years.

It is such a wonderful thing that we get connected again. We are all over the world, with actually only a handful in Malaysia. How very surprising. Those who are everywhere except Melbourne are quite jealous at the moment, because I have two friends who can actually cook and bake, and make lots of yummy food, including our Chinese New Year 'lou sang'. And I mean from scratch. No buying crackers. She is rolling the dough herself! Now tell me how on earth a pharmacist cum naturopath finds time to do all these, plus gym, plus have a life? Anyway, I shouldn't complain because I get to sit back and chat and just eat :)

Then again, I have two other friends who actually wakes up at 5.30 or 6.00 in the morning to sweat it out at the gym! One of them is a mum to two girls, plus she works! I call this one a real Superwoman.

We started out a few threads in FB, reminiscing about those years, and I remembered being bullied by one in kindergarten. Then we had a 'gang' in the schoolbus where I had to take the test before becoming one of them, by sitting next to a boy. Then there was this ever popular notes passed on during classes with boxes of YES, NO and MAYBE for questions like 'Do you want to be my friend?' or the F language where every word is followed by the F, e.g. How fow are far you fou to foo day fay? It was supposed to be a secret language of some sort for those who didn't quite follow. I always got tongue-tied.

April Fool's Days are one of the best days in schools, where teachers shouldn't get angry at students if pranks were played on them. Well, depending to what extent the damages were, heh. Toilet paper decorated cars, potato in exhaust, or plain flat tyre. The classic one, car on stairs. You read me right, CAR ON STAIRS! Somehow some of my friends managed to carry this Form Teacher's car and placed it 45 degree on the stairs. No, there was no Kancil then. No, they were not naughty Arts' streamers like me. They were what some think of them as nerdy and geeky Science streamers! Mind you, not their looks though.

Those were the days of hardship, of exams, of boyfriends, and of decisions in life. And we turned out pretty fine :)

Our Utmost For The Highest!

Go Cavell!


sting said...

wah! you really had fun in school?! that school motto sounds like acs?! no? car on stairs is unbelievable!

Sweetpea said...

sting - i am a true MGSian :) yeah, we got the teacher crying and had to buy her flowers, kekeke.