Saturday, January 05, 2008

Blogivitis carpal tunnel

Blogivitis side-effect is getting worse. I used to have this inner pain on theright side of my shoulder blade, plus sore on my right wrist as well.

But when I was away for a month on holiday, nothing seemed to ache! Well, apart from a few headaches from the heat. Then when I got back to Melbourne, my wrist started aching again after a month or so, although my shoulder blade is doing fine. Then it dawned on me that it must be from all the mouse-romancing that I am doing!

This is BAD. My hubby actually told me to try using my left hand now. Hahaha! I did! Didn't like it as it slowed me down. I am driving in difficulty as it gets painful when I try to steer my steering wheel. I guess one really does get punished for having 'extramarital affair'.

What say you? Ouch.

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