Wednesday, January 23, 2008

At Chesterfield Farm today

Went to the farm today with a friend of mine and her two boys. Aidan is still very hesitant on touching and feeling the animals while the other two boys where having great fun coming in and out of the farm's nursery.

This is the second time Aidan's there, yet he still wanted to just watch me feed the animals. He did great with the rabbit on his lap. That was the furthest he was willing to go.

The weather was great, except for the number pest, FLIES!

Went for yumchar at this place which is new to me, not bad. May just go one day with the rest of the family. Came home and was too lazy to do anything else. Red Roosters for dinner :)


Anonymous said...

red roosters!!!!!!!! i so miss the 1/4 chicken set!! yumzzz..

mama bok said...

I think all kids are like that.. till they are much older.. ;)
What a nice outing.. :)

jazzmint said...

like a petting zoo!! how nice

like ur gong xi fatt chai banner hehe

Sweetpea said...

amah - u didn't eat meh when u were here? aahhh... i know. you had all the good and expensive food, no time to try the fast food, hahaha!

mamabok - i do hope so. it was, except for those darn flies!

jazzmint - it was, can pet rabbits, baby goats, llama and 2 piggies :P