Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wu wu liao liao

My little punk after his bath.

I've never used a comb on him. I mean, he does have a comb, but I think we've only used the comb and brush set like, two months out of his four years and four months of age. And see his red eyes? Too long in the bath!

Went to Officework to get something and by chance saw this CLEARANCE sign by the window. Licensed storage boxes of 25L at $4.18 each. One of Elmo, one of Thomas and heaps of Dora. To get or not to get?

Two ladies was already there hugging onto the Elmo, but looking at the others still, deep in conversation. Apa lagi, I quickly took the one and only Thomas lar, to buy or not to buy, I can decide after I the things I needed to get, right? They soon returned the Elmo, and then turned around and looked at me.

*Triumph* Hahahahhahaaaaa!!


Anonymous said...

aaaah I WANT!! THAT storage box!! I dont mind elmo!! And it's cheap leh...even in RM la!!

Why cant they hv somethin like those here??? so boring ones we hv! Boo!!

I STILL want it!! Blah!

It's me la...Elly

P/S waaah CNY mood ah?? tung tung chiang here!

mumbojumbo said...

that hairdo is pretty funky eh?

mama bok said...

I buy..!! 2 ..!! so cute..!

etceteramommy said...

yea yea... like me.. take first.. decide later :P

Sweetpea said...

elly - eh, i think they have mar, all under licensed toys. tarak meh? tung tung chiang a little loud hor? will change it soon

mumbojumbo - only 2 minutes leh, after that 'all fall down' or he will flatten it. he doesn't like gel.

mamabok - am a sucker for cheap things. see cheap, BUY! then, donno wat to do with them :P

etceteramommy - 'sau fai yau sau maan mou' concept lar. brooders losers :P

shern's mom said...

nice box. and cheap too.

Annie Q said...

Wow wow..i wan i wan i wan too! I wan thomas & elmo!! So cheap and nice! If i will u i take both..hahahahahahahaha

Sweetpea said...

shern's mom - it's good that aust. when they throw out clearance, they mean business :)

annie - and then? my house kicik mayung where do u supposed i store the storage box, or look or something to store in it?? hahahaa