Wednesday, January 02, 2008


That was how SCORCHING HOT it was yesterday.

Happy New Year was celebrated with heat, heat and more heat. I am SO glad I got the air-cond. it and believe it or not, I think hubby is secretly pleased we have it too. He had it on before I had the chance to switch it on. Heh.

Needless to say, work was pretty quiet last night, as everyone and everybody will be at the city square waiting for the countdown and fireworks. I truly believe many will be running to the pharmacies first thing this morning for lots of things. Hangover pills, heat rash, oral rehydration salts, sunburn relief, etc. etc. With the heat yesterday, combined with alcohol, which further dehydrates oneself, mm mmmm........

Today wasn't any better at 37 degree. We spent the day at Chaddy having lunch at Nando's with Ching and Jeya and their families, and a great bowling game. I didn't play as I have blogivitis carpal tunnel, wakakkkaaa. So I went on retail therapy. It was such a relief we had a cool change earlier in the evening and tomorrow at 25.



dawn said...


Happy New Year to you and family! Stay cool. Over here it's only 1F with windchill of -15F. Guess I'm not going anywhere but start a fire and watch movies!

mommibee said...

Happy NY 2008!
so hot in Melb!!
my friend from Syd was there for the NY fireworks in Melb, he text us and told us it was 40C, fulamak!!

WaterLearner said...

Happy New Year to you!

Yups . it's hot. But that should not stop you from being happy. Right?

Lovely Mummy said...

happy new year...
wow, so hot weather there...air cond also cant tahan..hehe

Sweetpea said...

dawn - with weather like yours, dang sure i am not going anywhere! hahaha!

mommibee - i no bwuaff you one!! hhaaha!

waterlearner - unfortunately it sometimes does. i have seasonal migraine. it gets to me. but when i don't, you bet there's lots of fun :)

lovely mummy - well, the air-cond was the best decision i made last year! it's our life-saver!

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Yeah.. when I saw the weather report I was like so freaking shocked! Thankfully Sydney is still bearable at ~28 degrees on average!

Oh, happy 2008!

Sweetpea said...

kev - you better pray hard for good weather when u get here. your praying hard will benefit ALL Melburnians!! and i will thank you for the heart of my bottom. ooppss! from the bottom of my heart! Kakakakakkaa!!