Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Vicaps for Subtitle Service

Whatever movies that I watch, I prefer switching on the subtitles. It is much easier for me to understand it and I do not have to listen hard. It is also I get still get to watch my movies without disturbing Aidan's sleep or Wilkin studying. You know how when a place is so small, every little noise we make can be heard.

I love international movies too. It is a great idea to have subtitle service so everyone can enjoy movies or documentaries from any country. Which gets me thinking, if I need a similar service for our local churches and schools, Vicaps.com is the answer. They provide multi-language subtitling for video and DVDs. It is important to get the words and the timing right, and Vicaps has been a trusted company providing transcription services for over four decades.

I know where to look now.

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