Monday, January 07, 2008

That's It!

I am SO going to get a sand pit for him! This is my little boy in his brand new T-shirt, boxer and boots having fun at the same old spot, bless my plants, making mud castles.

Look closer. With hands like his, you don't need a cement mixer, well, a mud mixer in this case.

His target (i.e. victim) and pride?

Thank goodness I have a nail brush to scrub away all the dirt buried under his nails. I have cut his nails very short, believe me, it still gets stuck. Daddy may make a big fuss with all the new toys Aidan has been getting lately, but I don't care in this case. Sand is cleaner and this. Plus Wilkin is constantly fertilizing the ground with processed cow manure, eeewwwwww!


miche said...

really eewwww...cow dung! did u smell his fingers! hahaha

but then ah, sand is not as gooey and slimy as mud. so he cant paste his truck with the sand.

mama bok said...

Hehehe!! boys will be boys eh.. ;) my MIL blames me for having the brat so proper.. mauahhahaha!!

U.Lee said...

Hello Sweetpea, boys will be boys. Girls will play with dolls, but boys will always have the Indiana Jones or Clint Eastwood in them.
Looks like he is interested in the construction line, ha ha.
You have a good day, Sweetpea, UL.

jazzmint said...

wah processed cow manure LOL...

but boys all like dirt one lah rite

Sweetpea said...

miche - well it's mix with soil so after a while can't really smell them. STILL!!

mamabok - haha. does she drink tea with the little pinky up in the air? hahaha...

u.lee - i have to be contented with that, right? hubby will panic if aidan starts playing with dolls. thanks for the visit and have a great day yourself :)

jazzmint - he loves everything! except fruits :P