Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thomas and the Troublesome Trucks

Aidan was very excited when I told him I will be taking him to get a ride on Thomas train. Him and Puppy all buckled up, ready to go. He recently wanted his pet toys to be buckled up with him in the car.

The moment he saw Thomas rounding the shopping centre he kept pulling at my hand, telling me to hurry up and chased after the train.

$2 ride for about 5 minutes, and moving around is better than $2 machines that are found everywhere and only for a minute.

And best of all, he got four stamps, according to his age.

Actually, EIGHT stamps, coz he got another ride after MY shopping :)


Anonymous said...

hi! hi! so Aidan is sporting a new side partin hairstyle now?? Am sure he's over the moon or sun or stars la whn he chugga-chugga choo-ed on thomas...Mika still loves thomas n his friends esp the song. And those cinders n ashes...bust my buffers...all his fav phrase!!


+ren said...

wow he looks so grown up now :D

JO-N said...

He sure looks happy!

shern's mom said...

wah, Aidan has good flawless complexion. such a charmin little boy.

2dollars for a ride, worth it.

Lovely Mummy said...

i never see the thomas ride here, only toys available. I can see that many kids like thomas train..

Jacelyn Chew said...

i just like to see ur handsome boy's face. he's so fair!

glad to grant u an award,

Sweetpea said...

elly - no! it's becoz i did the parting for him for pics, haha. otherwise he looks like potato head! is that wat it is, cinders and ashes? i've always thot is 'send in the ashes!' hahahaa!! you are a better thomas fan mum than i am :)

+ren - yeap, my baby is no longer a baby :(

jo-n - anything to do with thomas, charlie and lola and trains, and sand, he is most happy :)

shern's mom - thanks :) it is isn't it? someone should get the license to make that happen in KL!

lovely mummy - AND ipoh too, haha.

jacelyn - wow! thanks for the awards. come to think of it, i think i owe someone a tag :P

jazzmint said...

wahh so syiok train to ride

PapaJoneh said...

Alamak.. so long i didn't come here and see what happen to Aidan.. so so handosme already.

I wish that thomas train is here in KK sabah.. my Josh sure love to ride one. Gerenti until my duit all habis he still want to sit on it. Hahahaha.

Aidan is really a handsome boy!

Sweetpea said...

jazzmint - huuh, tomorrow (sunda) we go again to another shopping centre where it is free! hehehee

papaJ - tima kacih :) u should start one then. don't have to be thomas, any train will DEFINITELY ABSOLUTELY attract kids!

mama bok said...

I donch know if my brat will go on the rides.. because she wouldn't even do the stationary ones.