Sunday, February 10, 2008

Busy in the kitchen

For the first time in my life, I prepared food for celebration today. Not all, of course, but it still took up half my morning. We invited some friends over, and being Chinese New Year, we cannot go without fortune cookies can we? This, I buy :)

Guess what I am making?

Tadaaaa!! Not bad for a first attempt, ahem.

And my signature dish Tomyam Vermicelli.

Remember this? Here's the outcome. Not bad eh? Silly me thought everything was in there, really pre-packed, but to my horror, I only recently found out that I need to shred carrots and radish, and get some sea blubber (hoi jit) and salmon. Hahahaa... and I was wondering how on earth can they keep the salmon fresh in that pack for so long!

Tasted not bad at all. Verdict? Highly recommended. It is still cold today, and has been like this since first day of CNY. Feels a little like winter, but not as cold. Great for sleeping in.

And lastly, here something with red from us. Neehh! Not angpau! You give me then 'char mm dor'! Muuaaahhhaahhaha!!



mama bok said...

Yummy..!!! i could use some low hei.. ;)

jazzmint said...

wah...sago sai mai lou!!! so nice lehh...gong xi fatt chai to you

Moonlight_tears said...

Whoa, I am so envious, you have got a handsome son, can cook such awesome meals and a beautiful hot momma yourself. Perfecto!

miche said...

share the tomyam beehoon recipe pls... :)

Sweetpea said...

mamabok - everybody could use some! this is my first time in 8 years, i think!

jazzmint - okay lor, haha, first time making it, follow recipe only.

nicole - thanks for your compliment, but i cheat cheat here and there. i can't really cook, not from scratch definitely! many things we can now rely on either pre-mixes or pre-packs, hahaha!

miche - wokay wokay, let me take the pic of the special ingredient first :P

Constance Chan said...

hi i finally can post a comment here. past week when i click on yr site, my IE will quit...wanted to say hi for the longest time..


Sweetpea said...

hi constance, thanks for persevering! :) that's funny, becoz that is wat exactly happens to me when i do the same thing on 5xmom's too. anyway, hi back :)

Annie Q said...

Hey! Hope not too late to wish u & ur family Happy Chinese New Year & Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!!