Saturday, February 23, 2008

Is it really over?

Everyone has had their two cents worth over Edison Chen's case. He had just returned to Hong Kong for a public apology just yesterday.

Are we going to forget about it and get on with our own lives or what? On my own two cents worth, he is just a guy who does private stuff with the girls he was with. Yes, he has a weird bedroom habit, but that's his life. For the girls in the pictures, it seems to me they all consented to it. So what's the problem here? If they weren't celebrities, would anyone give a shit about them?

And just because they are, we put it upon them that they should watch their every moves to be good role models. I wish people will grow up and take responsilities for themselves. They don't have to watch reality shows to live, to follow. Talking about bad examples, violence, extreme violence, porns, live or grossly animated, should be banned then. Kids play too much violent games too. And this adds to the figure on brutal violence at home and in the streets.

I would blame the person who stole the pics and spread them out to his own advantage, fame or money? I don't know. No doubt that the 'victims' should bear their own consequences for their own acts, but this 'thief' was too obsessed with his own satisfaction and greed to care about the damages that would cost to these people's lives.

Even my mother who doesn't know how Edison looks like have heard about the gossip. Goes to show everyone loves juicy bits. At the yum char place that I frequent, there is at least one table that I could overhear them talking about it. This scandal almost overshadowed Lydia Shum's demise. Now this was a lady who did hell lots of good for the charity world.

Care for a gossip about her?


jazzmint said...

i totally agree with u, it is just cause they are celebrity, ppl big hoo hah over it. if it's in hollywood, i doubt they won't even be this big news after a while.

janicepa said...

i agreed with you .. 200%.. that's wat i've been telling my frens

Sweetpea said...

jazzmint - it actually did paris hilton some good, didn't it? :P

janice - thank you :) i understand a lot of ppl will have lots of other views of it, but at the end of the day, like i said, it's their life, they do what they like, and we take care of our own. gossip sudah, jangan sibuk, yea?

Sasha said...

alah....they suka la right. They also enjoyed the moments before they kena was just bad luck la..

Sweetpea said...

sasha - ya. but apparent not as simple as this. some hacker died 'accidentally', so i heard.