Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dislike at first sight

Perhaps I have failed to mention that Wilkin is terrified of mice.

It may have something to do with the upbringing, where he and his siblings are all afraid of mice. He once told me that his mum would scream and carried all of them up the chair or table, hence they were taught to have fear for these little rodents.

So anything that remotely resembles the likes of them, Wilkin will squirm. He hated visiting the pet shop, and while I was in awe when I saw this 'Maternity Ward' for little white mice, and showed Aidan these tiny hairless babies, Wilkin will not even go near them. And somehow I managed to kind of forget to inform him beforehand about taking Noodles home for the weekend :P

I was in the bathroom on Friday evening preparing to go to work, when he got home from his work. The next thing I heard was Oh Shit! I had to suppress my laughter, kekekekee. He called out to Aidan and asked What is this yucky thing?! I think Aidan didn't like the word yucky being put upon Noodles and he said No! Noodles eating carrots.



I had to butt in and told Wilkin not to say that. Here I am trying to get Aidan to be comfortable with animals, and I didn't want Wilkin to tell him otherwise. Having said that, I was surprised to see the cage being covered in bath mats when I got home after work, to keep Noodles warm. That was a nice gesture.

This morning, I had to change the strawbed, and put the hamster on the other shell of the sandpit. I called out to Wilkin, asking him to keep an eye while I dispose of the old ones, which had quite a lot of poo. You know, eat lots, poo lots. He took a look at the cute little fatty, and decided he will do the hard work instead, because he didn't want to risk the chance of having to chase after Noodles in case he escaped. Hahaha!

Afraid of it he might be, Wilkin still managed to take a couple of pics of Aidan and myself with Noodles, and suggested that I should let it run around a bit for some exercise. Nah, I wasn't going to be responsible for losing the kinder's pet, plus Noodle's seemed very contented just sitting on my lap.


jazzmint said...

hahaha he can do all the dirty job eh :P

so u guys gonna keep it till when?

mott said...

Heh..looks like Wilkin seems to be more accepting of small animals now?

Anonymous said...

actually rats & all in the rat family oso kinda gili geh,,,can't blame ur hubby mom is another extreme case, even the rat pic or on tv oso affects her!!

Sue said... cute la...alright to look not to keep for me though..hehe

Peng said...

tell wilkin we 'sama' gang leh :)

sting said...

Noodles' home seems quite big ya, can accommodate you and Aidan.. :-) hehe.. I could just imagine the look on his face when he saw the lil visitor.. well, at least he's willing to help out with the cleaning..

Sweetpea said...

jazzmint - am returning this in the morning! (typing now at monday midnight) won't miss him much as he is hard work! :P

mott - not really, but at least noodles doesn't look at disgusting as those rodents!

amah - i must thank my mum for exposing me to so many things, like ways of executing the rats :P muuahhaahahaa!

sue - same here friend. lucky thing i had the chance for a try out, haha. it's not easy leh!

peng - whoa! the rat in your house must have freaked you out then!

sting - i think you must have been mistaken. the green thing is actually aidan's sandpit. put NOODLES there while i cleaned his cage. definitely cannot accomodate us! hahahhaha!!