Monday, February 25, 2008

Of Thomas and Noodles

I finally assembled the Thomas track Aidan has been pining for so long since last month. Received this in one of the parcels from Hong Kong which Wilkin was afraid that they might have been lost in sea. This set was bought for Aidan by one of Wilkin's buddy.

As you might be able to see, Aidan of was of course stoked. He didn't touch he V-tech for two days up until this morning. I thought I'd better let him play with it now, otherwise, what better time, right? He will be turning 5 and by then, who knows what he will like?

As for Noodles, I picked up a little of his high and mighty habits. Won't eat carrot ends, won't move around much if his 'bed' gets too dirty and will poo straight away after I changed new straws for him. And Wilkin, aahhh.... my dear hubby. He thinks Noodles is a tad cold because I put his cage by the kitchen door. As if bath mats to cover up at night is not enough, guess what I found yesterday morning?

My warmed up wheat pack on the cage!


mott said...


Aiyo....for a guy who don't like rodents..he sure cares for noodles!!!


Sweetpea said...

yeah, he got me a little there. two brownie points for him :)

bokjae said...

Hey i've got an Award for you!

sting said...

Noodles sounds like a new "baby" for you.. Hmm, would like to know how your hubby reacts when Noodles goes back.. hehe

cheerfulday said...

I played that before lol when I was small that time..

Sweetpea said...

sting - no need to guess, he was much relieved!

cheerfulday - it should a collection. do you still have it now? :)