Monday, February 18, 2008

Laundry Roster

Is it different with kinders here and back in Malaysia?

At 3-year-old kinder parents are invited to volunteer their time to help out whenever they can on areas of fruit-cutting, assisting in play and cleaning up.

Now that Aidan is at 4-year-old kinder, teachers draw up a roster for parents to be there on a specific day to help at play and cleaning up. We do not need to cut up fruits anymore because it is a requirement that we bring ready-to-eat or already cut up fruits. Boy, am I glad with this change. Less time in the kitchen! I welcome the parent duty as I actually get to see how the children are taught, how they play, and most importantly, how Aidan is, although he may be a little different or excited to see me there.

Also, we now have laundry roster too. With so many parents to take turn, I think each may end up doing just two loads in a year, which is alright.

These are little hankies for each child, towels for messy play and art smocks.

Next week, we will be bringing Noodles home, the kinder's fat hamster. Yep, there is a roster for that too, a voluntary one of course. It gets filled up real fast as Noodles is very popular. I wasn't fast enough last year, so I am looking forward to next week. It's about time Aidan gets connected with some kind of animals!


shooi said...

Dramatically different here lo! I have never heard of parents' duties at the kindy, though i do think that it is a good idea. It helps the parents to get to know the teacher better and to access the kindy's condition also.

mom2ashley said...

I've not heard of such involvement of parents in the kindy though....but sounds like a reasonable thing to do..with people volunteering and all...:)

Montessorimum said...

It's good to have parental involvement at school. In M'sia , parents are too busy earning money to be bothered. :(

Sweetpea said...

i think parents' involvement is indeed a great idea. it is also to cut down the cost for many things, which is good. unlike malaysia, labour is not as cheap if they were to get aides.

moreover, this is the best chance to get a run-through and personally see for ourselves what they actually do.

this is one of the reason why i like australia :)

sting said...

that's great... :-) It emphasis that teaching kids are combined efforts of parents & teachers... back here, sometimes, the two parties blame each other for the kids' behavior which I feel is not healthy..

shern's mom said...

that's a great idea, to involve parents in the kindy. at least we can roam freely in the kindy to check out our kid, not hiding in a corner like a fugitive. i like.

miche said...

in msia, if the kindy were to ask to do the same, i dont think many will volunteer. it's like i paid u so much and u wanna me do ur work???

but i dont mind bringing a hamster home. :)

Sue said...

they don't have it here..a lot of health and safety checks...but I guess i ould be cool to have that..

Annie Q said...

that's a good idea right? But not suitable for working mum lo..
My friend also resident in Melbourne, she always involve in those activities.

Sweetpea said...

it is different in every country i suppose. here we have the privilege to work part-times, flexible hours hence we have time to do just that. for me working nights is the best option and i can have the best of both worlds.

i realize this may not be possible in malaysia or elsewhere. for some families, double income is a must so there is no choice. i am just thankful that my hubby plays a great role in taking care of aidan in the evenings that i work.