Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My first song with him

Valentine's Day is just two sleeps away and it got me reminiscing about the first time my hubby and I met, the first song, the first kiss.

We were at this karaoke in Hong Kong with his best mates, and one of the guys chose this very song I am playing now by Eason Chan 'Hung Fook More Tin Loon direct translation being Lucky/Blessed/Happy (whichever suits) Ferris Wheel. I fell in love with the song right away and I had to get the CD once I was back in Malaysia.

Hong Kong was magical, or perhaps it was love? The place, the nightlife, the food, even just the window shopping will be enough to keep me occupied the whole day. I was lucky to have met very nice and friendly colleagues, although they did tease me endless for my Manglish, and I blended in soon enough with the way they speak. I was also very lucky to have found a boss (or that she found me, hah!) that was an expat so there were quite a dozen of angmohs in the office, and I didn't feel so left out.

It would be a place I will consider living in, only if it was both of us. But with children, having lived here and to be able to compare, there is no way I will be going back there. In any case, Hong Kong will always have a place in my heart.

Dang right! Hubby Hongkie wat.... now please enjoy the song :)


jazzmint said...

wah.....vy the lomantik hehehe...i didn't like that song, but i like other eason songs, neh the one he sang for triumph to the skies (that pilot tvb series) hahaha..

janicepa said...

hahaha.. so now u are feeling dang hang fook la ?? kekekeke

Moonlight_tears said...

It's a nice song. Too bad that I couldn't comprehend the meaning of the song eventhough I speak kinda fluent Canto.

Sweetpea said...

jazzmint - you mean the one ng chan yue as a pilot? still on arr? aiseh, am already back for months liao!

janicepa - okaylar, hang fook, but not dang hang fook. sometimes very kek sim with the kayu one!

nicole - you are not alone! haha, i just love the music :)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wah...so lum lah.