Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My lovely neighbour Rhonda

See what she did to my so-called garden?

She waters them for me, does most of the weeding, and only a couple of days ago she had two cubic metres of mulch sent to her garden and she covered mine as well! I offered to pay her half the cost, but she refused to accept it. The mulch cost about $60 odd and delivery fee was $28. It is considered very cheap if compared to buying in a pack sold in stores.

In a way, I do have a gardener, free of charge, haha! Naah, just a joke. She's a wonderful lady, looking out for our place whenever we are away.

Thanks heaps!


mom2ashley said...

you've got a lovely neighbour. we need more of these people here!

Moonlight_tears said...

How are you?
Lucky you! Your garden is so beautiful and neat!


Sweetpea said...

mom2ashley - we are very lucky. our three neighbours are all very decent ppl, no troubles at all :)

nicole - haha! thanks, like i said, i have a gardener. gave up trying to grow some annuals, dies on me too soon as i keep forgetting to water them. so you will only see mostly greens :)

mama bok said...

Lucky you ..!! i've got a chicken shit neighbour.