Thursday, February 28, 2008

Under the weather

Two days of no blogging seems like a long time to me.

Somehow I have lost that touch. I don't feel like doing paid posts anymore, but to have that money sure is handy, and certainly helps in every little way. Perhaps I have just overburnt my fuse. As it is, I have a sudden rash that appeared out of the blue, but only on the upper part of my body, to which hubby immediately asked Got sore throat or not? I said No, why? and he said he heard of his colleagues talking about a deadly virus with such symptoms.

What virus?

Donno. Forgot the word. (Somehow I wasn't surprised :P)

After sitting on it for a while, I concluded to myself it may be meningitis he was referring to. Then I quickly did a mental check. Fever? No. Sore throat? No. Body aches? No. Joint pains? No. Sensitivity to light? No.



Peng said...

hope you will get well soon....take care :)

sting said...

maybe it's something you touch / ate? hope it's gone now..

shern's mom said...

Sudden rash? So did you went to the docs?
Hope you're feeling better now.
I know some days are just not meant for blogging, i feel that too sometimes.

take care.

Sasha said...

are u sure its not love bites from yr hub ah? heheheheh

Lovely Mummy said...

get well soon :0)

Sweetpea said...

thanks all.. still not good lar, very itchy!

sasha - hubby won't give me love bites one. we stopped doing that donkey years liao :P