Thursday, February 28, 2008

Two relieved, one happy, one oblivious

Two relieved - hubby and myself. Noodles is back at kinder since Tuesday afternoon. Only a little guy, you might say, but high maintenance. High being hygiene reasons. Bottomline -daily chore, extra work. No pets.

One happy - Noodles. Being in a cage for five days and four nights wasn't that fun at all. Not that she (oh yes, found out it was a she on the last day with us) exercises a lot, but upon reaching the car park at the kinder, I guess she recognized the place and was making rounds in the cage, sending her strawbed chaotic. Her wooden pen is much bigger and she must have been very excited, until this weekend where she will be whisked off to another family.

One very oblivious - Aidan. He cared for Noodles, but not enough to miss her :P Daddy came home to and empty space where Noodles occupied, and asked Where's Noodles? and Aidan answered Noodles school!

Will we want Noodles around again? Yes, but perhaps a shorter weekend :P like returning on a Monday instead of Tuesday.

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