Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Annoying marketing calls

Ring Ring

Me : Hello

Sophia : *With heavy Indian accent* Hello, mam, good afternoon, how are you today?

Me : Not bad, thank you. (Note: Not good too as the cold has gotten to me)

Sophia : I am Sophia and I am calling from Sydney. Is your house phone still connected to Telstra?

Me : I donno. I think so, my husband deals with bills, not me.

Sophia : Could I speak to him?

Me : *Pause* Tempted to say What happened to PLEASE? but to be equally ill-mannered, He's not home.

Sophia : Okay, thank you, bye.

Whatever happened to company introduction?
Whatever happened to the magic word PLEASE

Just because I don't deal with the bills doesn't mean I have no say in the house woi.

Telstra, is that how you train your staff?? Another call like this on the same day is going to kena from me. I am achey, fluey, nose blocked, sore throat, slight headache, mood kinda foul.

Hang on.... I hear my codeine calling......


sting said...

haha.. you get those calls down under too ya!? at least she said thank you :-)

Sasha said...

why they like to hire all these ppl la. Once i called MAC, they also transferred me to an indian guy. I blih Bleh with him until i put down the fone. dammit.

Sweetpea said...

sting - duh, my neighbour just told me that they called her 1am at night. 1 freaking a.m.!!!

sasha - eh, you know, some of these calls are from india one! cheaper to do marketing calls from there! salary cheap mar.