Monday, March 31, 2008

An arvo at Murrumbeena Park

We slept in today till about nearly 10am. What a rare occasion! Usually Aidan will be poking my face and say Wakey wakey Mama! but today it was just a very lazy Sunday morning.

We didn't do much yesterday too, but I did clear out Aidan's clothings (again!) and this time it was to dig out winter wear. Cold and colder days are well and truly here. La Porchetta for dinner, and I was surprised Aidan actually cleared his plate of Spaghetti Marinara in cream sauce. I will have to make some soon.

Coming back to this arvo, we took a random drive to Murrumbeena Park. It is one of the bigger and nicer parks around here, and we were delighted to see the council has set up a family fete with lots of activities. A story-telling fairy, a band, a rock-climbing and mini bungy for kids, balloons, craft centre, jumping castle, all for free. Aidan was excited to see kids bouncing up and down the bungy machine, and of course he wanted a turn!

Andy Zap was the MC for the event, and Aidan was dancing to the Sinhala Sri Lankan music when dancers performed on stage, therefore when the show ended, Andy played a game with him, and got a puppy balloon as a prize.

It was a very pleasant surprise indeed and all ended up well, errr... except for lunch. Went to Malaysian Garden but it was full, so we ended up at Choi Palace in Clatyon, and the food was crap. So, Melburnians, you know where to go, NOT!


mott said...

ha ha ha...if m'sian garden was full, i'd go back to the glen - grand tofu. at least i know the quality of food there.... hee hee hee

sting said...

look at him on the bungy.. cool... all the activities for free ah? good leh..

Sweetpea said...

mott - grand tofu nice? i haven't tried there before. i wanted to buy stuff from Hong Kong asian grocer in clayton mar, lazy to drive again lor

sting - free!! except for the coffee and hotdogs lar :)