Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A day without computer

Fine. So there was no pc for me to use today. I came home to a dead pc after work last night. Even then, I still went to bed at 1.20am. It's just me, can't change the habit now.

Today was another great weather day at 24degree Celsius. Went to visit a mom of three tikes and got to hold her baby for the first time. Looks so much like her. Didn't stay long, (err... according to my standard lar, donno about her, heh) as I felt I was already upsetting her nursing schedules.

I took Aidan to the park. It was a lovely afternoon. We chased after seagulls. I mean, he chased after seagulls. I chased after him. Then he charged at me as I ran reverse to take some pics. Aaah.... I felt very happy today, must be the weather, in fact, so much pressure is off just because he ISN'T at kinder. I don't have to keep watch of the time. We went yum char after draining some of his energy, and headed to The Glen. Over The Hedge performance was on, and he danced to the songs too. Did some retail therapy again, before you shake your head, it wasn't mine. Clothes for Aidan. Cotton On Kids clothes were on sale. Okay, okay. Shake it as much as you want :P

Back home, easy dinner tonight. I had already marinated the porkribs in some plum sauce that my friend made, with Coca-Cola, yup, and a little bit of this and that of the basics. Result?

Hubby said the meat a little rubbery wor... but guess who finished the lot?


IMMomsDaughter said...

Really ah? marinate with coca cola? Hmmm...must try this. Thanks for the tip.

mama bok said...

Aiyoh.. !! you got visit mott . .never tell me.. else.. i can tompang you to buy a gift for baby .. :)

mott said...

Wekekekekeke...u stayed too short. I don't know why u hurried off. I wud've dissappeared, but u cud've stayed to play wiht the boys!!!.. I mean, aidan play with boys...ha ha ha

oi..what happened to ur blog?

Sweetpea said...

immomsdaugther - ya ya, tried this with chicken wings before, hence the famous HK 'hor lok gai yik'

mamabok - no worries, you can tumpang me anytime, i live very close to her leh :P

mott - no lar, you lunch time pun. and it was a great day, it's good for him to be out :) but thanks for asking us to stay. errr... wat happened to my blog?