Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Cultivating good taste

Hahahaha.... or rather, my taste lar!

I notice that whenever I watch movies, Aidan likes to sing along or dance to some of them, and two of his favourites are:

'Lady Come Down' from The Importance of Being Earnest . I love the movie, very funny. He keeps singing Lady come down, lady come down.

And the other one, is 'Good Morning' from Singing in The Rain. He was watching it closely and swaying, and I asked Would you like to do tap dancing? Dance like that? (pointing to the screen) and he said yes. Haha, will see what happens. I'll wait for a term or so and see if he is still interested, then I will enrol him into a dance school if he still likes it. By the way, he is pretty good at keeping to the tune :)

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