Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bye bye Summer, Hello Autumn

Here's to starting of a new season again.

Autumn officially started three days ago, but bless us, we have still some good warm days ahead. I am so not looking forward to the cold weather. Bbrrrrr.... plus I have to repeat the troublesome routine again on Aidan wearing winter clothes.

See, once he is accustomed to what he is wearing, he won't have it any other way. During the cold to hot times, I had difficulty in telling him not to wear his socks to bed, not to wear his fleece PJs and not to pull his blanket right up to his chin. And now, I am already having trouble telling him to put on even a long sleeve tee at home when it is sometimes cold. I have wasted money on scarves, gloves, and woolly socks. As for the beanie, it was a threat. I had to force him to wear one when we go out. Then there was the fleecy night gown. He refused to wear one upon getting up in the morning, am not surprised he will kick up a fuss this year. It takes time for the heater to come on, and I will be hearing Ah-chhooo, ahh-chooo!!

Siapa susah then? Me lor.


Sue said...

Ian is also like that sometimes...worse is when he sleeps he doesn't want the duvet on...especially in the winter...

Sweetpea said...

sue - kids! they are so rigid at times! and who gets to worry? us lar! hish :P