Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Not another change of mattress!

Hubbys always insisted on sleeping on non-spring mattresses. Fine by me. He bought a goose-down futon when we moved into this house, and last year he decided it was giving him a bad back. So we changed the mattress. The mattress was so thin, I woke up sore everywhere for the first few days. But I was soon accustomed to it.

Last month, he said this mattress is no good, he wanted to change again! Gosh! For a guy, he sure is picky! I told him if he wanted really good bedding, go for one that is of good quality and be prepared to pay the price, once and for all. I always believe in getting what we pay for. After all, it should last a long, long while, if not a lifetime. Perhaps he should get one of those memory foam mattress, they are supposed to give pressure relief and conform to our body shapes and support the bones.

As for me, give me any bed. If I am tired, I sleep on and through anything and everything.

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