Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Monday Lunch

Monday was a good day. No. Make it a great day!

It was Lunch-At-Kemmy's day. Lots of scrumptious food and desserts. Tili brought her fair share of yummy satay and nasi himpit, while yours truly, forever the 'buy-no-cook' person, brought ice-cream and organized a little easter eggs hunt for the children.

Lunch started around 1pm, and we ate and chat and walked and ate and sat and chat till about 6pm. No dinner for the night. Burp...!!


sting said...

an east meets err... south (?) Easter ya... sounds like fun there :-)

L'abeille said...

Wahh...alot of nice food @ kemmy's place ler... *slurp*

Sweetpea said...

sting - watever ler... just makan! hahaaa

l'abeille - kemmy can cook and bake and preserve and lots more! :)