Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Light breakfasts

After days of chowing down good food, I finally made up my mind not to have nutella spread on toast every morning for breakfast. A dose of nutella a day, you can imagine the amount of calories I consume in that big jar.

So, from now onwards, I am going to share my hubby's typical breakfast.

A bad thing is that my tummy can't fit in my essential cup of coffee, so I will have to have my caffeine fix later. And for Aidan, two soft-boiled eggs. Bought the Winnie Pooh thingy yesterday, an after Easter Day sale at only $1.49 with one hollow chocolate egg.

His other choice, well, not choice, I make him have it, heh, is a bowl of oatmeal cereal, or nutella spread on bread or toast. And he will leave the crusts behind. Everytime!

One more collection to my lousy cooking tag. Had this for dinner last night, and also acar brought from an Asian grocer. Surprisingly hubby loved the acar.

Soya sauce prawns.


stay-at-home mum said...

I guess all kids hate crusts. Mine too always leave them behind, and the oldest is already 12!!! That pooh egg holder is cute.

Caramel Corn said...

there was once, my hubby and i tried hard to adopt a healthy breakfast diet. we had oatmeal cereal with cream topped with brown cinnamon sugar on our mornings. then we alternate with branflakes (had to mix with some frosty flakes or it will be hard to swallow) every few days. after a month of these, we both surrendered and hasn't touch a flake or gone anything close to oats! hahaha. we prob over did it!

mott said...

ha ha....i'm into oats now. only for one thing, breastmilk!!! HA HA HA!!...

whoisbaby said...

what a coincident, i am having quaker oatmeal now!

Sweetpea said...

SAHM - it's funny that I love the ends of the bread!

caramel corn - hahaha... i think you did, heh. i am still having a variety at least :)

mott - chow it down, mott, chow it down!!

whoisbaby - we don't get quackers here at the supermarket, only at asian grocers, becoz uncle toby is the boss! :)